Never miss another call or message while watching a show on your Fire TV! With Signal for Fire TV, incoming calls and messages will be displayed on your Fire TV, even in the middle of a movie. Just install the Signal for Fire TV app on your Android phone or tablet and also on your Fire TV, and you’ll start receiving notification popups on your TV. For those of you running Android 4.3 or higher on your phone or tablet, you can also redirect selected app notifications to your Fire TV as well. Just set it and forget it. Once you’ve done the initial setup, you won’t have to run the Signal app again on any device unless you want to change your preferences or add or remove a Fire TV. All Signal for Fire TV features will be available for free for 3 days. An in-app purchase of $3.49 (USD) will allow you unlimited access to the app.

Signal also supports Tasker automation.  See instructions here


Available exclusively on the Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore






  • Install the Signal for Fire TV app on your Fire TV AND your Android phone or tablet
  • To enable app notifications (only available on Android 4.3 and higher)
    • In the Signal app, go to the Apps tab
    • You MUST press the Enable App Notifications button and check the box next to “Signal for Fire TV Listener”
    • Checking the boxes next to the apps will send notifications for those apps to the Fire TV
  • Launch the Signal app on your Fire TV
    • Select the “Fire TV Name” option
    • Clear the line and give your Fire TV a friendly name like “Living room”.  This helps identify the Fire TV if you have more than one
    • Turn on or off features

That’s it!  From that point on, you probably don’t need to run the Signal app again unless you want to change one of the options.  The app will automatically start itself in the background whenever you restart your Fire TV, phone or tablet.