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This app will let you control your Roku player from your phone! Remote for Roku acts just like your physical Roku remote, only better:

  • Auto-scan of all wired Roku devices, manual scan for wireless devices
  • Navigate directly to any channel using Go To Channel menu (New)
  • Supports multiple Roku players
  • New Back, Info & Replay buttons
  • Landscape & portrait
  • Fast text entry
  • Home screen widget
  • Multiple Skins. (New:  use your own background image)

Requires WIFI access, see help menu for details. Please email me with any connectivity issues.

Custom Skins

You can now use your own images as background skins.  To do this, copy any image into the RokuRemote folder in your SD card.  The image name must be one of the following:  Custom1.jpg, Custom2.jpg or Custom3.jpg.  You can then select Custom1, Custom2 or Custom3 for your skin in Device Preferences.  If you select a custom image from the preferences screen that doesn’t exist, the default skin will be used. For best results, use image sizes of 320 by 480, but any image should work and scale to fit the screen.


NOTE:  This app is NOT designed to work with Roku SoundBridge, only the Roku Player.

There are some users who have issues getting the initial connection going to their Roku box.  To make sure you have a good connection, please read this section.

The first requirement is to have wifi turned on and connected to the network.  However, it is possible to have wifi on but not connected – which means the app won’t connect to your Roku.  To make sure, go to your phone’s Settings menu, then press Wireless & Networks, then press Wi-Fi settings.  Make sure the line under Wi-Fi says “Connected to” something (like the first screen below).  You can also determine what your phone’s IP address is by pressing the appropriate network  under the two options with checkboxes.  For example, pressing @Home21FD in the example shows the second screen:










Try This First

If you have any connection or lag problems, try this before doing anything else.  Power off the Roku and the Android device, power them on again, wait for them to start up and try again.  There is a known issue with the Roku boxes responding poorly to network commands after a while, and this should resolve almost all connection issues for a while.  If you still have problems, see the following suggestions.

Problem – No Connection

Try this simple test. You can even try this test before you buy the app:

  • Turn on wifi on your phone and make sure you are connected
  • Open your Android browser and enter (except substitute your Roku IP address but leave :8060)

If your browser returns a lot of text starting with “1 >1 0 DMP-.00”, then your connection should be good.  If this works but you still can’t get the app to connect,  contact me at

If you still can’t get connected using the Browser, then there is probably a problem with your network connection.  Here are some things to try:

  • Do you have a router that has two channels/bands (like a private/normal one and a public/guest one)?  For the app to work, your phone/tablet need to be connected to the same network AND same channel as your Roku.
  • Some routers have an setting called “wireless isolation” which will prevent your Android device from communicating with the Roku or finding it during a scan.  Make sure it is off/disabled.  Buffalo routers and others may call this setting “Privacy Separator” or “AP isolation”.

If you can’t get Remote for Roku to work at all with your Roku player, even after entering the right IP address, it’s possible that your phone is on a different network than the Roku player.  For the app to work, the Android device and the Roku player must be on the same network/router.  To check this, look at the IP address of both the Roku player and your phone. At the top of HELP screen in the app (hit the Help menu in the app) , you should see the IP address of your phone.  For the app to work, the first three groups of numbers should be the same.  For example, if your Roku player is and your phone is, then you should be able to make a connection.

Problem – Lag or Unreliable Connection

  • If you haven’t already done this, power off your Android device and the Roku, power them on and try again.  You should not have to do this very often, but it does fix some issues with Roku boxes responding poorly to wifi commands.


Remote for Roku