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Old News:

March 14, 2011: I’ve put out a few releases of the Roku Remote app since my last post. You can find the most recent version in the Android Market here: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.greggreno.rokuremoteThis version has a great new feature that lets you navigate directly to any Roku channel. Just press the Menu -> Go To Channel option and pick your channel. I’ve also made a number of changes to improve the reliability of the connection to the Roku player box.

January 4, 2011: It was great to have large blocks of time over the holidays to work on my apps. First up, a number of changes for Roku Remote:

  • Bug fix (hopefully) to prevent locked up/down/left/right keys
  • Option to lock screen orientation (see Device Preferences screen)
  • Name of Roku displayed in title bar
  • Access to hidden Bitrate and Secret screens (see new Extras menu option)

I also made major changes to Quick Poll Free and Quick Poll Pro:

  • Improved Edit screen
  • Shows vote details in the Results screen
  • Free Only: increased number of poll options from two to three
  • Pro Only: Support for unrestricted polls (vote for anything you want). See the new option in the Edit screen
  • Pro Only: Send to either individuals or groups

Most of these changes came from great suggestions from users. Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions, and keep them coming.

BTW, I’ve shut down the discussion board because I couldn’t find a way to keep spammers from flooding it with junk postings.

November 2, 2010: I’ve just released Roku Remote version 2.0 to the Android Market! This is a major release where I’ve re-writen nearly all the code. Here are the latest features:


  • Fast auto-scan of wired Roku devices (New – wired devices only)
  • Faster text entry on search screens
  • Auto detect IP address changes (wired devices only)
  • Multiple Skins
  • Support for multiple Roku players
  • Supports Android 1.5 through 2.2
  • Landscape and portrait mode
  • Home screen widget
  • Layout changes to support Roku’s latest changes including new Back, Info and Replay buttons

Thanks to all the beta testers for the great feedback!

September 30, 2010: I’ve just released a new BETA version of Roku Remote version 2.0! This is a major update (basically a total rewrite). For more details, visit my Roku Remote discussion board on Google Groups. Details on how to download and install the new beta version are there. You can also find a screen shot here.

June 4, 2010: I’m happy to announce the release of the new Enter Text feature for the Roku Remote app. You know how painful it is to press a million arrow and enter buttons on the remote just to enter the title of a movie. The new Enter Text menu option significantly reduces the number of clicks. Just navigate to a Roku search screen, then press the “Enter Text” menu option. When done, just hit the back button to return to the main Roku Remote screen.

Note that this is a bit of a hack. The Roku player doesn’t actually support the entry of text. The only way around this is for the app to guess where the cursor is and do the arrow presses for you. If you find the app enters the wrong letter, click the Reset button to get it back in sync with the Roku box. See the Help screen for more details.

Please leave comment and/or suggestions on the discussion board or send an email to me at gregg@greggreno.com.

May 28, 2010: With the release of the new Roku software and the ability to search for movies from the Roku box (and not from a PC), people are going to be frustrated with how difficult it is to enter text into the search screens. So, I’m working on a new Search feature that will make text entry into the search screens easier. I’m still testing it, but I expect to release the update soon. Also, I cleaned up the launch icon a bit. It still isn’t hi-res though.

May 21, 2010: Well, I was looking through the Android Market page for developers, and came across a new feature called Bugs. Clicking on it shows what bugs people have been having. What I found was that a few people were having force closes when loading config files, even though nobody had sent me an email or left a message about it in the Android Market. I’ve fixed that and re-released the app with this minor change. But without Google’s update to the developer page, including a detail log file of the force close, I never would have found that bug. Thanks Google!

February 1, 2010: I’ve just released a big update for the Roku Remote. Included in this update are: redesigned graphics (thanks Trista Jansen!), ability to switch between multiple skins (gray and teal), and support for multiple Roku players through the use of the Load and Save Config options.

January 31, 2010: I’ve just released my first game called Concentration for Kids. It doesn’t seem like there are many kids games for Android right now, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. Even though it was originally inteded for kids, it’s a fun way to see how high a score you can get after going through the 10 levels. Adults can probably get through the game in about 10 minutes.

January 6, 2010: Just released Android 2.0 specific versions of Quick Poll Free and Quick Poll Pro. Unfortunatly, it isn’t possible to have the same code run on both the 2.0 and pre 2.0 versions of Android due to the way the SDK changed the way contact info is retrieved. So, I’m maintaining FOUR versions of this app now.

January 5, 2010: I have released an update to Roku Remote with two changes. First, I’ve added a “Scan network for Roku” menu option which will let you search your entire network for the Roku player. If it finds it, the app will use it’s IP address as the default in the preferences screen. With the scan function, you can now use the Roku Remote without having to bring up the on-screen Roku settings and hunt for the IP address.

Secondly, I’ve removed the code to automatically turn on WIFI as this isn’t supported in 1.6 and later. Instead, I bring up the system WIFI preference screen and let the user turn it on there. If anyone has a problem with this, please drop me a note at gregg@greggreno.com.

December 1, 2009: I have re-released Quick Poll to the Android Market. I had taken it off the market during the ADC2 since it wasn’t clear to me what the rules were around that. Anyway, I’ve put out two version of the app – a free version and a pro version. The free version has all the same functionality as the pro version, but is limited to 2 poll choices. The pro version allows up to 9 choices. You can find the app in the Android Market by searching for “Quick Poll”

September 15, 2009: Released my second Android app called Roku Remote. The name says it all – it works like your Roku remote control, but you can use it anywhere in your house that you WIFI access.

August 10, 2009: Released version 1 of my first Android app called Quick Poll! Not only is it my first app, but my first attempt at programming in Java. (Note: I have pulled this from the App Market during the Android Developer Challenge 2. It seems I can’t have the same app in the competition while it’s in the android market)