We are excited to announce the release of our latest app – Signal for Fire TV.  With Signal installed on your Fire TV and your Android phone or tablet, you’ll receive phone, SMS and app notifications.  For example, if you get a call on your phone, a popup message will show on the Fire TV showing you who’s calling.  Check out the screen shots on the Signal for Fire TV page!

We are happy to announce our latest app – Juice for Chromecast!  Like our popular Juice for Roku app, the Juice for Chromecast app lets you send photos, videos and music stored on your Android device to your Chromecast connected TV.  Check it out in the Google Play Store.

Juice for Roku 2.2 Released

Juice for Roku 2.2 has been released with some great additions:

  • Faster app start-up for users with lots of photos
  • Cool new 4×4 widget (see screen shot).
  • Much improved text entry on search screens. Now every key press of on screen keyboard is sent to Roku
  • Pressing the magnifying glass will automatically bring up search screen (if supported by the channel)
  • Auto-scan should be better now as it allows more time for Roku boxes to respond
  • Bug fixes

Available in both the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store

Amazon Appstore

Google Play

Juice Has Gone Public!

Roku has just published Juice as a public channel! That means you can find and online casino add the Juice channel just by browsing the Roku channel store.   Because of this, our user base is growing rapidly.  Very exciting for us!

We are so excited to finally release version 2.0 of the Juice for Roku app and channel.    This is a major release with tons of updates including:

  • Brand new ICS style interface (but works on any 2.0 or higher device)
  • Redesigned Juice channel on the Roku.  To see the updates, enter the Channel Store on the Roku, then exit to have the channel refreshed.
  • New Videos tab to stream supported video files
  • New Feeds tab for playing audio and video podcasts
  • Enhanced Share functionality
  • New shuffle and search features in Music view
  • Fixed videos not playing on standard def TVs

Full and Demo versions now available in the Android Play Store and the Amazon AppStore: 

Juice for RokuJuice for Roku on Play Store

Juice for Roku DEMOJuice for Roku DEMO on Play Store

  Juice for Roku on Amazon AppStore







Announcing Juice for Roku!

We are very excited to announce the release of Juice for Roku! Juice lets you send your photos and music directly from your phone to your Roku.  No need for a home media server or to upload your files somewhere.  Just a few clicks and you are showing the photos you just took on the big screen, or listening to an album on your phone through your home entertainment system.

Now available casino online in the Android Market in both a paid and demo version.

Juice for Roku

Juice for Roku DEMO

Juice for Roku DEMO

Upcoming App Release

We are getting very close to releasing a new Roku related app – hopefully in the next week or so.  We are very excited, and can’t wait to get it into everyone’s hands.   Check back here in the next week or so for the big announcement.

As a thank you to our existing Roku Remote users, we will be offering the app for half off  during the first few weeks.

You can also follow me on Twitter to keep up with the latest news at Jigawatt Labs.

A few weeks back, I released an initial version of an app called What To Watch on Netfix.   The app is designed to help you find the best movies and shows to watch on Netflix and provide ways to search the Netflix catalog that aren’t available through the Netflix web site.

After release, I found it was difficult to actually find the app by name in the Android Market.   Because of this, I’ve renamed the app Netflix Guide HD to make it easier to find and to give it a name that better reflects what it does.

This app is designed specifically for Android Honeycomb tablets to make searching and managing your queues quick and easy.  Here are some screen shots:

Roku Remote

I just released an updated version of Roku Remote with a couple of nice additions.  In this version, I added some additional button images that fit better on Android tablets.  I tested this on my Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets and used the emulator to make sure it will look OK on the Galaxy Tab (original) as well as on the Nook Color.

One of the common requests I”ve received over the past year is to allow the use of custom backgrounds.  I”ve been putting this off for a while, but it turned out to be pretty オンラインカジノ日本 easy to implement.  To use your own custom image as a background skin, copy any image into the RokuRemote folder in your SD card.  The image name must be one of the following:  Custom1.jpg, Custom2.jpg or Custom3.jpg.  You can then select Custom1, Custom2 or Custom3 for your skin in Device Preferences.  For best results, use image sizes of 320 by 480, but any image should work and scale to fit the screen.

Finally, I”ve added a hi res launcher icon for those with higher resolution screens.

May Update

May 17, 2011: Well, it’s been a busy couple of months.  I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my next Android app “What To Watch On Netflix”.  It will be a Honeycomb tablet only app (at least at first).  I expect to release version 1 within the next two weeks.  You can find more info in the What To Watch page here:  http://www.jigawattlabs.com/whattowatch

Last week, I was at the Google IO 2011 conference.  Wow, just fantastic!  Great technical presentations, product announcements, discussions with other Android developers.  And getting the free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a ChromeBook and a Verizon wireless hotspot wasn’t too bad either!

It’s all about Android this year
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